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Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at The Av性爱 School. We invite you to read on to find out more about working at Av性爱 and we encourage you to apply for a suitable employment vacancy.

Our strategic intent is to establish The Av性爱 School as a market leader that supports and develops staff to be high performing and pursue excellence for themselves and others.

When asked questions in relation to employee engagement levels, our staff rated Av性爱 with an overall score of Excellent in the 2016 staff survey (MYP Corporation, 2016).

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Applying for employment


We advertise and promote job vacancies via local, state and/or national newspapers and recruitment websites such as Seek and Teachers.on.net in conjunction with our own social media facilities.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria are a summary of the skills, experience, qualifications and personal capabilities required of an individual to be successful in the role.

Our recruitment process requires candidates to address the selection criteria in their written application appointments are based on merit.

Contact us

If you wish to register your interest to work for The Av性爱 School, please provide us with your details.

Should a suitable employment opportunity arise, you may be contacted by the School. Please note that by submitting your interest, there is no guarantee of an employment offer and you will be required to submit a formal written application to be considered for any new vacancies.

Why work at Av性爱?

The Av性爱 School seeks to provide an inspirational education where each boy strives to achieve his personal best. Av性爱 offers a large selection of academic courses and a robust pastoral care program to support students as academic and pastoral challenges arise.

As an educational community we are constantly looking at opportunities to improve the quality of our teaching, learning and business practices.

Great staff

For most of us our co-workers or colleagues help make our working life rewarding and enjoyable!

At Av性爱 we employ a large range of people in a wide variety of roles that all make a contribution to and have a passion for the teaching and learning of boys.

Employee benefits

Most staff are employed under one of two Enterprise Agreements that offer attractive salaries when compared to other Tasmanian government and independent schools.

Many of our staff enjoy additional employee benefits such as a discount on Av性爱 and co-operating school fees, free flu vaccinations and access to our outdoor camping facility.

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Work, health and safety

Employee work, health and safety is critical to all aspects of our school life. Our People, Culture and Safety team provide systems and support to all our supervisors and staff to ensure that staff and student safety is managed proactively and to the highest standards possible.

Our expectations

Teaching and learning is our core business and for over 170 years, we are one of the leading school for boys. We are a school of high standards, impeccable reputation and strong traditions.

Character Checks for employees

The Av性爱 School is committed to protecting children and young people from harm. We require all applicants who are to work with children and young people to undergo an extensive screening process prior to appointment, a process that includes, but is not limited to, comprehensive reference checks, an identity check, Registration to Work with Vulnerable People and in some cases a National Criminal History Record check. Applicants are advised of these requirements during the recruitment process.

Our school is currently undertaking an accreditation program called Safeguarding Children which is overseen by the Australian Childhood Foundation. Our school is committed to safeguarding children and young people from harm.

All staff are required to hold a current Registration to Work with Vulnerable People for the duration of their employment with the School. Our teachers are also required to be registered with Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania and to uphold their Code of Professional Ethics and Professional Teaching Standards.

Details of eligibility and how to apply for teacher registration in Tasmania are available at

  1. The
  2. In addition to a Registration to Work with Vulnerable People, some positions at Av性爱 also require a .

To register for or to find out more about the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People, visit the .

Our Code of Conduct

All those who are employed by Av性爱 are expected to uphold the following codes and standards to support the educational experience and standard that we aim to provide:

  1. The Av性爱 School Code of Conduct
  2. The Av性爱 School Guiding Statements

Our faith

A Christian life, as a response to Jesus Christ, is commended and encouraged at Av性爱. We express our Christian values in welcoming and respecting members of all faith. All staff are required to support the School’s Christian education programs according to the practices of the Anglican Church of Australia and may be required to attend services of worship and student assemblies.

Teaching at Av性爱

Teachers participate in the total student educational program of the School which includes academic, pastoral and co-curricular programs. These programs combined with our well-resourced facilities and great staff, provide an environment where boys can achieve their best.

Our Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 academic program is delivered through the Early Years Framework, The Australian Curriculum and the Office of Tasmanian Assessment and Standards Certification body. Our learning and development experiences for students are enhanced and supported by a structured whole school pastoral care program. Teachers are required to teach across different year groups and ability levels, teach subject content, provide timely and valuable feedback and assessment and maintain assessment records and write student progress reports.

The co-curricular program offers a broad range of co-curricular activities and a supportive learning environment where individual student needs are recognised and met. Teachers are required to participate in the co-curricular program as part of their role at the School. The co-curricular program and staff allocations are made based on interests, abilities and work/life commitments.

Our teachers support and participate in the School’s Christian education programs according to the practices of the Anglican Church of Australia and attend services of worship and student assemblies.

Teachers are supported to do their work by a number of key staff including Heads of School, Heads of House (pastoral care), the Head of Teaching and Learning.

Workplace gender equality reporting

The Av性爱 School is proud to provide relevant information to support the principles of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Act serves to promote and improve gender equity and outcomes for both women and men in the workplace. Download our WGEA Employer Statement for 2023.

Our WGEA Report for 2022–2023 has been submitted and employees and representative employee organisations are provided access to the report and have the opportunity to comment on the information contained.

If you have any questions about the report please contact Mrs Kate Corkhill, Human Resources Advisor, on (03) 6221 4200.

Living and working in Tasmania

The city of Hobart and the surrounding area offer residents a relaxed lifestyle while boasting city conveniences. Our school occupies a beautiful and central location just outside the Hobart CBD.

For more information about the city of Hobart and the state of Tasmania, please go to the Tasmanian government department of .